At a Glance

Founded in 1987, Citanusa Group, specialized on real estate development. We strive to give good quality products with affordable price. As of now, the company has developed more than 12 projects, located in Karawang, Tanggerang, and Batam.


In 1997, Citanusa Group expanded its business as a commercial developer by build Pasar Pagi Cirebon as a first project. This joint project between Citanusa Group and PD Pasar Cirebon, was create in a area of 18.000 m2, and this is the biggest trade center in Cirebon at that time.

The monetary crisis hit Indonesia since 1997 was hampered the activities of all business sectors, including the real estate sector. Despite of that, Ir. Sutjipto remained and get committed to finishing the Pasar Pagi Cirebon project. With an accelerated implementation of the development strategy, Pasar Pagi Cirebon project was finished in 1998 and it was one of the few successful projects during the monetary crisis.

The success of Pasar Pagi Cirebon project during the crisis inspired Citanusa Group to develop the Plaza Baru Ciledug in 2001. This collaborated project with the city government of Tangerang is managed by Citanusa Group until today and has been a most popular trade center in Ciledug, Tangerang.

In 2004, Citanusa Group, with its subsidiary PT Cipta Graha Sejahtera, developed its business in the residential sector by launching Taman Borobudur 1 and 2 in Karawaci, Tangerang. This project, partnered with Perum Perumnas, using cluster housing system model surrounded by shops. The success of Taman Borobudur 1 and 2 encouraged Citanusa Group to launch another housing project, Taman Borobudur Extension.

In 2009, to expand its business, Citanusa Group introduced Cluster Karawang Green Village in Karawang in collaboration with Perum Perumnas. The commitment of PT Cipta Graha Sejahtera towards by product quality and high demand resulted a rapid significant price increase, thus benefiting the project’s investors. In 2013, Citanusa introduced commercial area, Ruko KGV in Karawang. In 2014, Citanusa Group presented a new residential cluster, Karawang Green Village Extension. In the following year, Citanusa launched 2 projects at the same time, Karawang Green Village 2 in Karawang and Ruko Batu Aji Center Point in Batam. After get succeeded with Plaza Baru Ciledug, in 2016, Citanusa presented Pasar Bersih Malabar in Karawaci, and Ruko Bharata in Karawang. In the following year, Citanusa introduced  Grahayana, two floors house, as its premium cluster in Karawang. In 2019, Citanusa launched Karawang Green Village 3 as its biggest residential and commercial estate.